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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is all over the big stories tonight. a virginia mother facing charges after prosecutors say she forgot her child in a hot van. tonight we're learning it may not have been the first time. a frightening new warning, terrorists could be plotting to have bombs implanted in their bodies ready to go off at any moment. and our fox 5 undercover investigation found a disturbing tr ng t drop off in specific communities. but we begin tonight with the story that has a lot of people talking. a mother charged with murder for allegedly forgetting her child in a hot van. thanks for joining us. i'm laura evans in for brian tonight. >> i'm shawn yancy.
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according to prosecutors, this is not the first time she's left her child behind. fox 5's stacey cohan is working the> 40-year-old laura murphy w described as a pillar of community, involved in the girl scouts with her two older daughter, but her actions the morning of june 17th and on a previous january day may send her to jail. the murphy family lives in this well kept bristow community. several neighbors who declined to speak on camera describe karen murphy as a doting mother well known and well liked, but on june 17th she left her house with 2-year-old son ryan strapped into his car seat and drove to work accidentally leaving him in the car. she left work around 4:00, drove home and then her husband called to say that ryan was not at daycare. it was then that murphy found her son dead in the car.
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neighbor gerald lofton said ryan murphy's death has touched every family in this community. >> many families i've known where things happened it was just. you know it, could have been a terrible situation, but they just remember that the last moment and it was avoided, but i just think that this family needs to be left alone so they can grieve correctly and properly. >> reporter: but the commonwealth attorney is prosecuting. paul ebert says murphy made the same mistake in january leaving her son in the car only remembering when the daycare called her office asking if ryan would be coming. >> the law provides for punishment and penalty in such cases and as a result, i present an indictment to the -- presented an indictment to the grand jury yesterday. they returned one count felony murder, two counts of child abuse and neglect. >> i don't think the public good can be served by heaping
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grief upon grief on this family. it could have happened to anybody. >> reporter: defense attorney edward mcmahon says the county is just amplifying the pain of a family already in agony. >> but we will do everything we can legally to keep this family together and to keep the prosecutor and the legal system from tearing this family apart because of what was obviously a very tragic accident. >> reporter: murphy has been released on $25,000 bond. she will be back in court in july to set a trial date. according to the group kids in cars an average of 38 children a year die heat-related deaths from being trapped in vehicles. >> it seems like we're hearing more and more stories like this. is there a -- what is being done to prevent it? >> i was reading a lot about this online. there was a time when children rode in the front seat of the car. now that they've been moved to the back seat of cars they are occasionally unfortunately being forgotten. there's some tips, for example, take a purse, cell phone, briefcase, put it in the back
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seat of the car with the child so you're forced to turn around and look at it. there is also some technology out there that may or may not be produced eventually that would alert a parent when an ignition is turned off, but there's still the weight -- that there's still the weight of the child in that car seat. >> that would be good advice to put your briefcase in the back seat. thank you. a virginia preschool employee is charged with sexually assaulting a student. brian minor worked at the chester brook academy in leesburg. the parents of a 4-year-old student complained their child was assaulted. minor was arrested yesterday. the school released a statement saying the well-being and safety of our students is our top priority. we are shocked about the charge against brad minor who has now been terminated from our employment. the obama administration tonight is warning foreign governments and u.s. airlines about a potential terrorist threat using suicide bombers and hidden explosives. fox 5's bob barnard is here now to explain what this is all about. >> we're not talking about
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bombs in shoes or underpants here. this latest warning is about suicide terrorists having bombs surgically implanted into their bodies. yes, terrorists still have their sights set on blowing up a u.s. airliner. al-qaeda of the arabian peninsula based in yemen tried to blow up a delta airlines jet in detroit in 2009 with a young nigerian and a bomb in his underpants. >> the christmas day attacker, the only reason why his attack failed was because he didn't have the skills to start the bomb. >> reporter: the former head of security in tel aviv after the september is 11th terrorist attacks was at logan airport in boston. >> if we consider this m.o. of carrying the device inside the body as a realistic one and i suggest we should, then we should is use different measures. >> reporter: he said traditional screening and new body scanner technology won't do. >> it is designed not to
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penetrate the body. the whole idea with those scanners is that the level of energy that is being used is so low that it will not have an effect over the human tissue. obviously that is not very useful with the devices inside the body. >> reporter: because of the new threat the tsa says, "passengers flying from international locations to u.s. destinations may notice additional security measures to include interaction with passengers in addition to the use of other screening methods such is as patdowns and the use of enhanced tools and technologies." >> we have no real solution to this except one thing and that is the ability to look the terrorist in the eye and ask him a couple questions and talk to him. >> reporter: it's what customs agents do to catch drug smugglers. >> you subject those terrorists of this world to a professional interview by a skilled interviewer like those that
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israel is using in its system, i think that the probability that they would be exposed is extremely high. >> reporter: a u.s. security official says this is new intelligence about a possible technique that could be used, but there's nothing to indicate an imminent threat. >> very frightening. the u.s. government is taking this seriously, right? >> it is. however, there are some is terrorism experts who think perhaps this is just an attempt to divert our attention again to the airlines so that the terrorists could attack in some other way. >> have to consider all angles. bob barnard thank you. the army psychiatrist charged with the deadly shooting rampage at ft. hood will face the death penalty. the commanding general for the military post made that announcement today. major nidal hassan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the november 2009 attack. his attorney declined to say whether he's considering an insanity defense. hassan is paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by
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police trying to stop his attack. he police are on the hunt for an armed man who shut down both sides -- police are on the hunt for an armed man who shut down both sides of bwi marshall. the man targeted a mobile speed camera along the side of the road. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on the story. >> reporter: on ground and in the air, police were out in force searching for a man wielding a hammer and a gun who attacked a mobile photo radar vehicle shutting down 295 near bwi marshall airport. >> i have two state police helicopters out, god knows how many units. they shut down a major highway looking for the guy which is all fine, but seems like a lot of expense and overkill to me. >> reporter: this all started around 11:30 wednesday when this jeep, which is contracted by maryland's highway authority to pull motor photo radar equipment was parked on a
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construction site on 295 north near the bwi marshall airport. maryland state police spokesman greg shipley said the worker inside this jeep sudden isly realized he wasn't alone -- suddenly realized wasn't alone. >> he said the individual went to the rear window of the jeep and began tapping on the window with a shotgun. the witness was obviously frightened at that point, began blowing his horn. he said the individual came around to the front of the truck and began striking the front windshield with his hammer. >> reporter: police describe their suspect as a white man who is around 60 years old and was wearing jeans and is a red flannel shirt. the highway worker who was inside the jeep was not injured in the attack while the suspect appeared to be carrying a rifle, no shots were fired in the incident. >> is he said the suspect was yelling incoherently. he couldn't determine what was being said, but then within minutes the individual he said walked back into the wooded area.
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>> reporter: the search for the suspect closed down 295 between the airport and the baltimore beltway for much of the afternoon. police say they search ised the buildings in the industrial parks -- searched the buildings in the industrial parks near where the incident took place but were unable to locate their suspect is. by 3:00 in the afternoon the all clear -- suspects. by 3:00 in the afternoon the all clear was given for 295 to open. >> maryland police won't comment on a possible motive for the attack or if they've received any threats against this mobile photo radar jeep. it's a verdict that stunned millions of people and in a matter of hours casey anthony could be a free woman. tonight one of the jurors takes you inside the jury box. and at 10:30 a fox 5 investigation, taxi drivers refusing to take riders to their destination. find out what happens and what our hidden cameras reveal. gary? >> hey, shawn, hot and muggy out there and this trend will continue and something else coming back in the forecast that we need. we'll talk about that, full
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forecast coming up in a bit. plus more trouble for a project meant to eats your commute. we have the details -- ease your commute. we have the details on that ahead as fox 5 news at 10:00 rolls on.
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casey anthony heads back to court tomorrow two days after a jury acquitted her of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee, but will she walk free after time served or remain in prison? fox's phil keating has a preview of tomorrow's sentencing. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: casey anthony, acquitted of murdering her daughter caylee still has unfinished business in court. anthony faces sentencing on four counts of lying to police, but her defense team says justice has been served. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple is. >> reporter: casey could serve more jail time or walk free following the now infamous not guilty verdict. the prosecution voicing its disappointment with the jury's decision. >> we know the facts and we put in absolutely every piece of evidence that existed.
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>> reporter: the jury of 12 did not speak to the press after the verdict, but an alternate juror did saying he has reasonable doubt when it comes to how caylee died. he also feels compassion for casey and hopes she'll get help. >> what people are forgetting with casey, these lies didn't just start in 31 days. they started two years previously. so this was just the way she operated unfortunately. >> reporter: casey's uncle in ohio says he would love the chance to talk with his niece. >> i always felt like i wanted to sit down with her and say casey, honey, what happened? >> reporter: casey has been in prison most of the past three years and at least one expert is says she stands to face plenty of public scrutiny once she is eventually released. >> we'll probably see her hire a pretty solid public relations team. she definitely needs that. >> reporter: if the judge belvin perry allows casey anthony to walk free tomorrow, she will walk out of the doors of this orange county courthouse where her stunning acquittal of murdering her
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daughter happened yesterday and in anticipation of possible crowd issues, the sheriff's department has set up special precautions. in orlando phil keating, fox news. more allegations tonight mounting against the british tabloid's news of the world. earlier this week a private investigator said he helped the tabloid hack into the cell phone of a missing british teen nine years ago. now scotland yard is investigating whether the tabloid's operatives also hacked into the phones of victims of london's terror attacks in 2005. as london's metropolitan police department says it is looking into evidence the tabloid paid police officers for information. >> that is and people need to know this a major police investigation underway. it is one of the biggest police investigations currently underway in our country and i hope members listen to this. it does not involve police officers who are involved in the original investigation. that so clearly didn't get to
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the truth. >> news of the world is owned by news corp., the parent company of fox 5. president obama warned today of a second recession or something worse if congress does not raise the debt ceiling soon. leaders from both parties will meet with the president in the white house tomorrow to try to hammer out a deal to cut the deficit and raise the debt limit. democrats want to get rid of tax loopholes for the wealthy, but republicans are resistant. >> we should all be able to leave millionaires and billionaires and owners of oil companies don't need special tax breaks. >> you're taking dollars away from the very individuals and entities we're expecting to create jobs right now. we can't be raising taxes in this kind of economy. >> democrats familiar with the debt discussion say the president will push for as much as $4 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 to 12 years, more than twice the amount discussed in previous talks. major garrett congressional correspondent for national journal joins us now with his take on the debt ceiling. thanks for being here. you wrote a great article today
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entitled a mess too big for captive america. you -- captain america. you used this superhero figure to break it down so everyone can understand what this is all about. where did you come up with the idea? >> i was trying to find a way to break through the talking points and posturing and explain there are deep philosophical legitimate differences on both sides. we have two different parties and they have a deeply philosophical disagreement right now about how to proceed. >> we know we've got the republicans and democrats at odds, but in the article you brought up the gop's more conservative wing talking about the tea party. what sort of impact do they have on these talks? >> a great deal, particularly in the house. speaker john boehner said i can't pass a tax increase, period, and he reminds the president when democrats have 59 votes in the democratic senate in the lame duck and nearly 20060 house democrats,
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they didn't raise taxes. they -- 260 house democrats they didn't raise taxes. boehner said you expect my republicans to raise taxes when the democrats didn't? there's lots of important talks going on now about user fees, things that raise revenues but aren't pure tax increases. republicans are flexible there and they might be willing to close some loopholes if taxes are cut elsewhere. one of the things i brought up today in my column is i try to have this average american call in and say captain america, can't you help me? i'm concerned about my own future. i don't want a double dip recession. i want these cats in washington to do something and i think the message is finally getting through. we talked about a weeing a was skeptical the poll -- week ago i was skeptical the politicians were feeling the heat. >> if they don't get this deal
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done, what does this mean for paul in leesburg or ann in southwest tonight? >> bottom line, we don't know. market has never priced an implied default, a real default or technical default. we have no idea what the market will do here or overseas and i don't think it's a movie we want to watch speaking of captain america. so there has to be a deal done soon. i talked to a lot of people on capitol hill today and i would say you need 20 days from beginning to end to make this happen. so we have, dial back 20 days from august 2nd, mark it on your calendar. whatever the white house and capitol hill people say, go 20 days back from august 2nd. if nothing's happened by then, start to get a little nervous. >> major garrett, thanks so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. excitement outside the verizon center today, an ancient ritual. all these people came to see the dalai lama celebrate for world peace.
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it's meant to inspire peace in the everyone in the world and also happens to celebrate the dahlly dalai lama's 76th birthday. today is the first day of the 11 day event. years of planning, hundreds of millions of dollars on the line and now another big name is calling for major changes to the metro to dulles project. we have the details coming up next. 
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a major roadblock for the plan to build an underground metro station at dulles airport. today members of the loudoun county board of supervisors expressed reservation about a compromise that's supposed to cut costs and threatened to pull out of the project altogether. fox 5's john henrehan has the
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details tonight. >> reporter: metro's proposed silver line to and beyond dulles airport is already under construction, at least a $2.8 billion phase 1 to reston is under construction. phase 2 to dulles airport with two additional stops in loudoun county was supposed to cost another $2.5 billion, but the airport's authority, which is managing the project, says costs have risen to an estimated $3.2 billion. the airport's authority says price hikes on the dulles toll road will largely pay for the rail project. a consultant estimated a one- way trip on the toll road could cost motorists nearly $11. >> i've heard some people say to me those tolls will be years out. it's 2020 and it would be rising on the way to 2020. so that's not years out. >> reporter: secretary is of transportation ray lahood has proposed a compromised plan to cut costs on phase 2. part of the compromise?
10:26 pm
require the airport's authority to switch to a less costly above ground station at dulles, one that would be further from the terminal, but another part of the lahood plan would require loudoun and fairfax counties to pick up the costs of building parking garages at the new metro stops. supervisors in loudoun county are balking at the new responsibility and risk. >> mr. chairman, that's not our job. our job is to build schools. we're required to build schools, mr. chairman. that's in the state code. >> if you look at what happened in richmond on a cda that failed there, it was a municipal parking garage downtown and the town had to wind up paying the bond, the debt payments, and eventually had to buy out the bond. >> reporter: loudoun county supervisors did not vote wednesday on the proposed lahood compromise. they want to study it some more. d.c. mayor vincent gray is calling on the airport's authority to accept the above ground further from the
10:27 pm
terminal compromise. the airport's board did meet wednesday, but no formal change in their position. spokesperson said the airport's authority is still considering the lahood proposal. the transportation secretary wants a decision from all parties by july 20th. stay tuned. john henrehan, fox 5 news. metro may step in to help ease congestion created by brac changes in our area. the transit agency is proposing brand-new bus lines to take people to and from the mark center in alexandria and fort belvoir in fairfax. the process of moving workers to the location is supposed to start next month. fox 5 investigating discrimination at local taxi stands, drivers refusing to take riders to one specific destination. see what our exclusive story uncovers next. r r lt
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00.
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fox 5 once again going undercover to investigate taxi troubles. passengers unable to get a ride home because of where they live. tisha thompson is exposing the truth tonight in this fox 5 investigation. >> laura, we got a call from a viewer telling us how hard it is for him to get a cab. now back in 2009 we had a fox 5 investigation that caught taxicabs in d.c. passing black men by to pick up white customers, but this time the problem isn't in d.c., but it's about d.c. >> reporter: getting a cab is supposed to be easy. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: get in, give your address. >> brandywine street. >> reporter: and you're on your way unless you're headed to a certain destination. >> what reason have i given you to refuse service? >> reporter: on most days otis carter jr. takes metro home
10:32 pm
from his job in alexandria, but when he's running late, he'll sometimes spring for a cab. >> as soon as i get in the cab and they start to pull off, they be they ask me where you going? where am -- then they ask me where you going? where am i taking you today, sir? i say southeast washington and then the problems begin. >> reporter: otis says drivers have denied him a ride to southeast almost half a dozen times in the last two months. he contacted fox 5 after one called the cops on him. >> the officer came over and said he wasn't going to deal with this all night and he'd like for me to take a walk and to find another cab. >> reporter: fox 5 decided to put alexandria's cab drivers to the test using our photographer steve and our intern julien, the first to get into a cab. >> could you take me to southeast? >> reporter: the first driver is quick to put the address
10:33 pm
into the gps. >> brandywine street. >> reporter: and doesn't hesitate to give julien a ride, but others. >> brandywine. >> brandywine? >> reporter: tell julien they can't find the address. >> i can't find it. >> reporter: from the very beginning steve gets denied. >> can you head to southeast? >> what? >> southeast. >> where is southeast? oh, no, no. washington d.c.? >> yes. >> no, i'm not going there. >> reporter: did you just refuse that ride to that passenger? >> which one? >> reporter: the black man that just got out of the cab? >> no, didn't. >> reporter: there was a man that got in and he got out of the cab. >> it's because i have to pick up my daughter from school. i am not able to make it at 6:00 because he wants me to go to d.c. >> i've gotten that often. there's something wrong with my car which i heard that. i don't know where that is.
10:34 pm
ask somebody else take you sneaks do uses aren't all right. they're just that, they're ex -- you. >> excuses aren't all right. they're just that. >> reporter: don wright tests taxicabs for discrimination. >> you no longer hear someone say won't give you service because you're african american, but rather there are more subtle barriers of disparity of treatment thrown up instead. >> reporter: fox 5 discovers when the sun goes down. , not excuses turn into quick refusals. >> it's rough. >> it's rough over there? >> what about anacostia? can you take me to anacostia? >> take the next cab. >> reporter: steve gets out. the driver takes off and steve tries the next cab. >> you run to southeast?
10:35 pm
>> okay. i don't go to southeast. >> you know where the anacostia metro station is? >> not really. >> reporter: steve tries the third cab in line who finally gives him a ride. >> if they don't feel safe, then we understand and we're going to give a driver the benefit of the doubt, but to just say gee, i don't like that location, that's not enough. >> reporter: chris spera is alexandria's deputy city attorney and in charge of investigating complaints against cab companies. he says city code sex flit. no driver of a taxicab -- is explicit. no driver of a taxicab should refuse any person. >> it's not an easy way to make a living, but at the same time you can't discriminate. you have to serve the public or else you shouldn't is be in this line of work. >> reporter: chris spera said he suspended a taxicab driver last year for refusing to pick up a woman in the wheelchair,
10:36 pm
but the city has only received four refusal to carry complaints in the last two years. >> they tend to be dramatically underreported. they may not trust the government to whom they're trying to report the problem. they may be embarrassed. they may think that they've done something wrong or they may just not want to make waves. >> reporter: all feelings otis says he grappled with before calling fox 5. >> we have to do something to actually make change because it takes only one person and i'm sure that i'm just one of many who have gone through this type of thing. >> reporter: in all four out of the seven cabs refused us service and it's worth mentioning that the equal rights center says since you can't just rely on complaints because people may not be complaining for whatever reason, you really need to do tests like the one we did just to make sure people aren't discriminating. >> it blows my mind when i watch that story, but i'm just curious, does otis think that the cab refusals were based on his skin color or his address
10:37 pm
more so? >> otis thinks it's based on the address and the skin color, but i have to tell you when we did the test, we noticed that black men would then get in the cab after our folks were refused and that's because they were going to al ex andrea. the cab driver said less of a problem -- drivers had less of a problem going to alexandria than d.c. it seemed in our tests at least that race was less of a problem. it's much more about the address, but the equal rights center will say address is an excuse. it's a subtle form of discrimination. >> there's ongoing action to make sure this doesn't go on? t in d.c. the rules are very explicit because d.c. has very specific equal rights rules. in virginia it's not as strict and so there's less that the authorities can do to crack down on it. all that they really have is that law which is you have to take a passenger as long as they are "orderly" and that's the key. >> sounds like more people need to report it as it happens.
10:38 pm
>> exactly. if it happens, tell somebody about it. >> tisha thompson, great story. well, this story started with a single tip. you have something you want us to investigate, log onto and click on news tips on the right-hand side of our homepage. a major cell phone carrier is cutting off its new customers and that means your verizon data plan could end up costing you even more. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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remember the southwest airlines plane with a hole ripped in its fuselage midflight? the faa just released the audio between air traffic controllers and pilots. you can hear both sides working
10:42 pm
together to get the phoenix to sacramento flight on the ground after a sick foot hole ripped open in the cabin. -- a 6-foot hole ripped open in the cabin. the pilot did not wait for approval before starting his emergency dive. >> apparently we got all the fuselage on the back of the airplane. >> we have 10,000 feet. can you approve that? he's doing it anyway. he's attempting the 10,000. >> yes. >> the pilot safely landed the plane at a military base in yuma, arizona. no one was seriously hurt. on the news edge at 11:00 a d.c. man says he was diagnosed as hiv positive only to learn five years later he didn't have the virus at all. now his story could have a huge impact on the city. and an army officer accused of breaking into an adult video store, what's even more surprising is what police say he was doing inside. we have that story at 11:00. r 
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10:45 pm
apparently unlimited has its limits, at least if you're
10:46 pm
a verizon wireless subscriber. starting tomorrow new smartphone customers will have caps on how much data they can consume. does that mean we'll all end up paying more for our phone and app addictions? fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick breaks it down. >> reporter: verizon now joins at&t and t-mobile in capping customers' data usage. verizon plans will start at $30 a month for two gigabytes. >> i read in the wall street journal today it was the last day of the existing contract. so is i thought if i was going to do this, i had to do it today. >> reporter: verizon now joins at&t in capping customer data usage. plans start at $30 a month for 2 gigabytes. >> we think this could be harmful to consumers especially as price goes up and consumers may not realize how much data they're actually using. >> reporter: consumer groups worry customers who have no idea how much data they're using will end up with bill hock. >> we need carriers to -- shock. >> we need carriers to have
10:47 pm
more transparency and just what the data limits mean. >> reporter: just how much is 2 gigabytes, at&t who sell the plan for $25 a month say that's equal to 10,500 e-mails plus 25 e-mails with attachments plus 4,000 web page views, 500 photo uploads and 200 hours of youtube video streaming. even some is apps can burn through your plan. according to the wireless association data usage is exploding. >> 2 1/2 years ago the hottest sell ising handset in the united states was a flip -- selling handset in the united states was a flip phone. so we've gone to smartphones and tablets. we've gone from more or less basically zero applications to over a million different applications. >> reporter: carriers are figuring out the best way to regulate traffic on the information superhighway. >> there definitely is more usage by consumers and there definitely is not a lot of spectrum in the pipeline and so that's an equation that
10:48 pm
concerns us. >> reporter: either way it's up to customers to get smart about their smartphone data usage. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> some companies will alert customers when they're getting close to their limits. there are several tools on your phone and online to check your data usage. we posted some on our website. go to facebook is putting a new face on its functions literally. the social networking giant is teaming up with skype to allow a video chat feature. ceo mark zuckerberg and some employees demonstrated the new function today. it will be available in the next few weeks. you'll be able to create a group of people to chat with individual via video so it doesn't have to be everyone on your friend list. >> it's so early in the morning i can chat with gary and say what's the weather going to be like today? >> you know i chat i want to see you in the morning. >> is that just on the website? does facebook provide a camera?
10:49 pm
>> you have to have a webcam on your computer. >> you can get one for 19 bucks. >> i'm joking, that's all. you missed my sarcasm. that's okay. >> i don't think your kids miss it. >> no. that's where i get it because as parent, as you all know, you have to have a sense of humor. that's the only way to make it through the day, especially summertime. >> because it's hot. >> what? >> because it's hot outside. >> because they're home all day and they're annoying. >> wow, all right. >> i'm just putting it out there keeping it real. >> we kick them out early and tell them to come back late. that's how we roll at my house, shawn yancy. >> all right. >> listen, we do have a rain chance coming up. so you won't be able to kick the kids out all day. send them out with an umbrella, i guess, but listen, rain chances are increasing. the last couple days the rain has stayed to the south of us,
10:50 pm
most of the rain. that exception is this evening with the storms moving across north carolina. they've had a lot of rain down there the last couple days. it looks like now we have become the focus or a little closer here we become the focus over the next couple days for an increased chance for some is rain and thunderstorms. for tomorrow it looks like it will be in the afternoon and evening. we'll have is a few scattered showers and thunderstorms -- we'll have a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. some of these thunderstorms tomorrow could reach strong limits, maybe a couple severe. we'll have a frontal system is interacting with the atmosphere. that tends to give us a bit greater instability. not only that, but with plenty of sunshine tomorrow we're going for a high temperature of 93 degrees and 85 on friday. now i made a change on saturday. i did not update this graphic. i should say now most of the weekend still looks okay, all right? with the change here has been i've introduced morning showers on saturday and actually
10:51 pm
lowered that saturday temperature to 85 degrees. so we'll see a little bit of that coming up in a second when we have look at futurecast. this is how much rain i'm thinking over the next couple days. we could see 1 to 2 from the storms that happened tomorrow and then the rain on friday and it's looking now like we have a pretty good chance of widespread is heavy rain potential friday night going into saturday morning. right now it looks like the bull's eye of the heaviest rain will be southern is maryland down towards the virginia shoreline there. this is futurecast tomorrow at 5:00, not a lot of rain, not a lot of thunderstorm activity, but we will have some because there's a frontal system that will be right here in the area and that's going to tend to kick off a few showers and some thunderstorms and again some of those with the heat and instability could be strong, maybe even a couple of them severe. friday at 6:00 notice rain is back in here, maybe an embedded thunderstorm as well. if we get a little sunshine on friday, but look what happens
10:52 pm
going into early saturday and we end up to be quite honest the model just changed again. this is not what it looked like 20 minutes ago when i was sitting downstairs, but you get the point. we'll have to keep in a few showers saturday morning. so it doesn't look like saturday will be completely clear, but sunday as the drier air settles in at this point and most of saturday afternoon and saturday is evening looking very nice with temperatures in the 80s and lower 90s. overnight tonight a little bit of spotty fog. it will be mild, 74 degrees, winds out of the south, southwest 5 miles per hour. heat index tomorrow upper 90s. so plan for it and then we'll have some afternoon showers and some thunderstorms and temperatures will cool off friday because of the clouds and showers and again the change on saturday from a.m. showers, high temperature a little cooler, only 85 and then sunday, monday temperatures warm back up into the lower 90s. >> okay. we'll cool down and warm up. thanks, gary. the government believes
10:53 pm
exxon mobil lied about how long it took to close off an oil pipe that burst in the yellowstone river. federal documents show it took exxon almost an hour to turn off the oil flow. the company told the public it took half that time. now the governor says he's got questions for the oil giant. >> including why this happened, why this pipeline wasn't maintained properly and why it took so long to shut the oil off. these are the sorts of things that we've asked before in years passed and we were assured that this sort of thing couldn't possibly happen because we had so many safety devices. >> the department of transportation asked exxon mobil to bury the pipeline deeper than 12 feet below the surface where it's currently located. they are one of the most well known bands around the globe and made one man's dream come true this weekend. see it for yourself coming up next. in minutes on the news edge a sex shop and a soldier, you've got to hear why he ended up in handcuffs. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler
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this is a dream come true for a u2 fan. ended up on stage with the band after their concert in nashville saturday. adam belleville is visually impaired. he held up this song that said blind guitar player, bring me up. bono brought him up on stage and then adam played a song he and his wife sang at their wedding all i want is you. take a listen. >> i took the guitar up and i handed it to him and he turned and he said i want you to have my guitar. i said no, are you serious? the remaining contestants on fox's hit show so you think
10:58 pm
you can dance are heat upping the dance floor as the competition -- heating up the dance floor as the competition gets more and more intense. >> reporter: stepping up to a game is only part making it to the finish line on so you think you can dance and for the remaining contestants looking over your shoulder can be inspiring and intimidating. >> everything is so amazing and there's not one piece that i'm like oh, you know what? they're a little weak. there hasn't been one of those yet in the competition and everyone continues each week to just like step it up. >> you definitely have to be on your game around all these ridiculously good people. you can't slack at all or you might not make it. >> reporter: from the judges table performing outside their comfort zone is key.
10:59 pm
>> someone that is able to fake that style or in some instances we have seen dancers dance outside their style and dance it better. sometimes depending on the choreographer and thability they can rise to the -- their ability they can rise to the occasion. >> because you're a great hip- hop dancer doesn't mean you can fake the cha cha. so an off lot of it has to do with what you pick out. >> reporter: and as the routine gets more difficult and diverse, dancers want the different styles they are less comfortable with. >> i think every week everybody will keep pumping it up every time. i really think i should be and everyone else. >> reporter: in hollywood dan springer, fox news. the news keeps coming. laura evans is in now for bri

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